Wiston Lodge

Following my successful shoots for Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Authority photographing the Scenic Routes installations I was commissioned by Strathclyde University Architecture Department (producer of the students responsible for the Scenic Routes projects) to photograph their 1st Year installation design brief.

The project involved several groups/units designing an installation that would ultimately have to be pre-fabricated or constructed on site in the grounds of a place called Wiston Lodge near Biggar.

I was asked if I could document the process by observing one of the penultimate tutorial sessions in the studios at the Strathclyde Architecture Department in Glasgow.  The tutorial that I attended demonstrated the culmination of the several weeks work and decision making that resulted in each group member designing an installation, then the group deciding upon which design to progress and construct for the final presentation.


The students had made intricate models to scale, and created some beautiful sketches that had helped them to work out what was required to build the final designs at Wiston Lodge.

The students had access to the University workshop, allowing for some form of pre-fabrication to take place prior to being on site in Biggar.

The construction phase was over a two day period and I attended on site on the second day, this way I was able to photograph the installations that had already been completed, and the process of the installations that were under-way and pushing to be finished for the deadline that evening.

The range and quality of the work was excellent and it meant that every project was completely different.  I tried to capture each one within its own context, as I knew t his had originally been a factor within the design process.

One of my favourites was a design created the day before I had arrived, located at the top of a small waterfall, an interior space had been created by simply defining the boundaries with a red rope.  This meant the user was guided into and around the space without inhibiting the views of the forest and winding water at all.

Several of the constructions were being worked on well into the darkness and as a result allowed me to light them artificially.  Had they been finished slightly earlier I could have possibly made use of the wonderful golden light that flooded the 'red rope' project on these as well.

I had a great day at Wiston Lodge and really enjoyed the experience of seeing these installations come to life.  The location was amazing, with such diversity in surroundings in a relatively close proximity.  The weather was crisp and the light fantastic, overall, a fantastic opportunity for me and hopefully a great showcase for these students and their creations.