Past Projects & Personal Time

Original Post Date - 27th AUgust 2014

Recently I've been reflecting on my past projects and how I spend my personal time out with work. I really want to regain that enthusiasm and creativity that I feel has been reduced or pushed aside since leaving education, and move back to inventing my own narratives and projects.

I remember at the time I used to have ideas overflowing when it came to "self-initiated" briefs, yet now when I look to create something new and original my mind moves to logistics and time management. These things are obviously a factor but I seem to find it more difficult than ever to generate these notions of creativity that I used to love piecing together.

It's as if I'm somehow skipping the step of "LETS DO IT" and going straight to "HOW DO I DO IT" which will inevitably lead to the initial concept being watered down and changed before its even an idea! I talked about one of my previous projects in my last blog entry and I think that revisiting past projects is a good starting point.

I would like to go back to a couple of my older projects, one of which involved me using existing light sources at night. I'd like to merge this with the architectural work and try to create some interesting compositions where the focus is light and how the mundane can come alive at night.

I would also like to rekindle my love for environmental portraits, these are what initially caught my eye when I used to research other photographers and images. I love how the context of an image i.e. the surrounding environment can play such an important part, informing the viewer or emphasising the subject.

Creating an idea book, or something similar might be a good place for me to store any thoughts and locations that could help me create something new and original. Ideally I would come up with something commercially viable, or something that could be easily translated into a marketing/advertising environment and be picked up, but these thoughts are also hindering my idea generation so aren't essential going forward.

Regardless, I hope to populate this space more frequently again in the coming months with some new work, both job-wise and personal projects.

If anyone knows of business owners/new starts that would benefit from some photography of products/premises/services then let me know as idea #1 involves me creating a kind of 'introduction to your business'; A set of images that could be used to help get you up and running, populating online space or used in advertising for the new/small/needing-a-kick-start business owner. So get in touch if you think you know someone that would be suitable/benefit from this kind of endeavour!

These images were shot for an independent tomato farmer and encapsulate the kind of thing I'd like to shoot.

Thanks for reading.