Commonwealth Games & Sports

Original Post Date - 29th July 2014

I had the opportunity to head through to Glasgow at the weekend to see the marathon at Glasgow Green, which is of course part of the Commonwealth Games. I've not really been able to make much time to take in any of the games which has been disappointing as the influx of people from all over the world combined with the vibrant colours and sports would make for some fantastic photo opportunities.

As expected the whole place was alive with activity...even at half 8 in the morning...with the men's marathon starting at 9. We headed into Glasgow Green and wandered along the steel fencing that outlined the marathon course; eventually finding our way into the main Games Hub. We had missed the men's start by this point but managed to see the Women starting off and were able to soak up some of the start/finish line atmosphere.

I hadn't particularly set out to shoot the runners (no Kasabian jokes) at any place or for any reason other than I am looking to work on some personal projects relating to sports in the near future. So decided not to get too worked up about positioning or volume of shots. I found myself a decent spot and took some images. I thought I'd take them in a different direction and create some contrasty black and white images as I felt the frozen motion combined with the physicality and expressions of the athletes suited it.

A lot of sports photography relies on instinct and capturing a specific moment of action within a context such as a game, or race. My preferred style is usually to have a set composition, something that looks pre-determined. I really like the idea of combining a pre-planned compositional shot, that in most respects could stand alone, but add in a sporting element, something that turns the image in another direction.

I have previously done something similar but would really like to expand the scope of the project by including some extreme sports and maybe look to get involved with climbing and mountaineering. It has always been a favourite project of mine to date and I am looking forward to planning and watching it grow...

You can find these images and more in the SPORTS section of my website.

Hope you enjoyed these and feel free to share this with anyone who'll listen!